Is your promise mocking you?
Kick its butt by sharing it
with your friends!


Write down a promise or goal you'd really like to keep

How many promises are empty? Loads of them – but that's about to change. Set your goal, write it down and have a strong will.


Don't keep it to yourself - share it with your friends

Promises are like extroverts. Being alone is not good for their health. When you make promise in front of others, you'll be much more motivated to keep it!


Promises, not just people, have karma

Care about the karma of your promise and show others the value of your word. What if you forget about your promise? Don't worry. It be in touch.


A public promise is a commitment. Share it and show that you're serious.

Someone may only be curious in following your promise to watch you fail. Show the world they're wrong. Share your promise on Facebook so that everyone is aware of your efforts. Find your supporters as you make your way to success.


The likes from your friends will cheer you up and motivate you to success!

Don't forget that you're not alone. Each like will support you and commit you at the same time. Let your supporters by the driving force to your promises fulfillment.


Leave the stereotypes behind.
Shake the phone and choose your color.

Shake it. Red is for the important ones. Shake. Blue encourages your friends to remind you. Shake the phone and choose one of the five color themes. The background will appear on your social network's wall.